Oberon the Fairy King of Sword Art Online

Oberon the Fairy King (妖精王オベイロン)

Real name: Nobuyuki Sugō (須郷 伸之)

Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu

Nobuyuki Sugo is the main opponent of the Sword Art Online Alfheim. It is the sole responsibility of the 300 victims of the neuronal changes, including Asuna after ODS prisoners was completed. He did this by the entire OAT for experiments on the enslavement of man fulldive by technology. RCT also tries supported progress Inc. Asuna marries while unconscious. It is a perverse interest consumes this marriage, while Asuna is still in a coma. ALO, the identity of the king of fairies Oberon and his queen is Asuna, Titania. Kirito and when he finally meet, it shows the status of GM and the results of its investigation, so that large amounts of pain after Kirito limit increasing pain and impaled. His sword art online kirito sword is a key. He is defeated when the “Ghost” Akihiko Kayaba Kirito recalled how he had been beaten by the determination Kirito before help to overcome the state Noboyuki GM. Released all 300 people from the OAT, but Noboyuki made another attempt, Kirito attack then made its way into the real world Asuna. Unarmed combat skills he learned is in the effectiveness of ODS fascinated Noboyuki was arrested for their crimes.

sao sword

sao sword

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