1. Q: What’s the Payment? Why Does I Cannot Pay Use My Card?

A: Credit Card and PayPal, if your credit card payment failed, it is possible because bank authorization, or fraud prevention systems. If you were met trouble making a payment Credit Card, you can contact the card issuing bank or use PayPal directly.

2. Q: How Fast Can I Get My Products?

A: In usual, need 7 days; In Christmas or Halloween, we deal with expedited express, just 2 days. If you have special requirement, we will also deal with expedited express, just 2 days,

3. Q: How About the Quality?

A: Our products are made of PVC. Sword Art Online Kirito Black Sword Cosplay Prop is made of high quality and very sturdy. Its exquisite appearance and superb craftsmanship make you so cool. The true design is according to the anime. Our sales volume has kept a high level until today. We provide you high quality products but at low price.

4. Q: Is this sword safe for kids?

A: Yes, its tail does some processing; it is sturdy but not incisive. So it is safe.

5. Q: Do you make an invoice for clients?

A: Yes, we make an invoice for clients.